Hey there,

My name is Viktor Taptykov and if you’re anything like me, don’t
want to work for someone and are aiming for financial independence
in order to be able to manage your own life and to do what you want
and when you want, I’d like to tell you a little story from my life.

When working in the corporate world and having a JOB, I always
wondered what Internet Marketing is.

It’s clear, that this is a “home based business” and that is very
attractive, and, as I heard, there was big money being made there
(and that is even more attractive).

But nobody could tell me, what exactly this is all about and how all
that works.

Then one day, I was introduced to an MLM company and the MLM (or network marketing)
business in general, as a so-called Plan “B” - life changing way to financial independence.

This was my first encounter with the MLM business and, frankly speaking, it left me in
a state of perplexity.

At the presentation, that I was invited to, speakers gave out a lot of information  about their
company, its history, great management, success track record and prospects, and all this
sounded pretty convincing.

But when they started speaking about building the business itself, it sounded similar to this:

”You don‘t need to sell”. “The product sells itself”. “Everyone wants it”.

”Everyone is your prospect. Just talk to more people. It’s a numbers game”.

”Start with your ”warm market”, make a list of your relatives and friends”.

“This is so easy that even a child can do that”. “The whole business is already built for you.
You have nothing to do at all”.

“Don’t even try to explain anything, bring them to the presentation, and we’ll do the rest".

The word “business” was not mentioned at all.

The word “marketing” was not mentioned at all.

If you were at such presentations, it should sound familiar to you.

But is it a BUSINESS approach to bug your own relatives with your business offer only
because they are your relatives?

Or is it MARKETING, to chase complete strangers trying to pitch your business
opportunity to them?

You have to be as thick-skinned as a rhino to stand all the rejections and probable insults
you’ll face.

Yes, I know that there are people who achieved great success using these tactics.

Maybe these tactics are suitable for them but they definitely don’t fit me.

I was a little bewildered and decided to go online to find something on a subject.

And I really dug out something encouraging.

First, I was right, and all this approach, that I was introduced to at the presentation, was
truly obsolete.

Network Marketing is a BUSINESS and it requires a business approach.

And this approach must have a solid modern marketing foundation.

Second, the good news is that the SOLUTION to all these problems that all network
marketers face do exists.

And the third, and the most amazing thing is that now I know myself what Internet
Marketing is, how it works and that MLM is an essential part of the whole system.

That was the pivoting point in my life.

Everything has changed for me and will never be the same.

Yes, I realize that this way is not for everyone, but once more, if you are anything like me
maybe this information will change your life too, as it changed mine, so...

So, if you want to dig deeper into the details, outline the PROBLEMS,
find out what the SOLUTION is and how to establish your own
Automated Matketing System, that will do all the leg work for you 24/7
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